She Leads, 2018

She Leads, 2018

C3 Church Oxford Falls, Sydney
Bernie Kelsey - Darlene Zschech - Leanne Matthesius - Valerie McIntyre - Emma Mullings - Bernadette Black

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She Leads, 2018
  • Session 1, Bernie Kelsey - She Lead - 2018

    Our precious Bernie Kelsey shares her experiences and revelation from her hardest year yet.
    In this generous preach, Ps Bernie encourages us though her pain as she reads from 2 Corinthians 1:3

    "Our tears are a language when we can't find the words. And God had written down every word.

  • Session 2, Darlene Zschech - She Leads - 2018

    Reading from Psalm 45, Darlene Zschech gets into the nitty gritty of leadership for the long haul and the 'power of the squeeze'.

    "I find strength for the journey not by more striving, but the oil of joy... I have asked God, continually for the wisdom to choose well. To choose where I keep my ...

  • Session 3, Leanne Matthesius - She Lead - 2018

    Ps Leanne along with her husband Jurgen Matthesius, are the senior pastors of C3 San Diego. They have also were appointed as the C3 Americas Oversights.

  • Session 4, Valerie McIntyre - She Leads - 2018

    Lead pastor of C3 Fulham, Val McIntyre and all-round boss lady shares her journey of faith and identity. Val talks through the struggle and juggle of being a woman in the market place.

  • Session 5, Emma Mullings - She Leads - 2018

    Emma Mullings is a TV Presenter, Radio Announcer and Recording Artist. She also works as an actor, TV producer, writer, and is a journalism graduate.
    In her SHE LEADS session, she encourages us to get out of our comfort zone and use our creative gifts to lead others to Him.

  • Session 6, Panel - She Leads - 2018

    Emma Mullings hosts a powerhouse panel titled 'Leading, Loving & Leaving a Legacy!'


    Renee Goosen - Is a psychologist in private practice, and runs a mental health training business.

    Wendy Simpson - An award-winning entrepreneur and business leader, Wendy invests in commercial ...

  • Session 7, Bernadette Black - She Leads - 2018

    Standing on the scripture; Isaiah 43:13 - In this session, we hear from Bernie Black. She is the founder and CEO of the BRAVE Foundation, Australia's only national organisation which supports and represents 8,300 pregnant and parenting teens in Australia each year.